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The TPNS Web Interface  currently on version 2.60

This component hosted by Newhex Technologies, and currently allows a customer to request a taxi with just a push of a button.

This function is aimed for businesses who would frequently need a taxi to order in place such as hotel, hospitals, resorts, etc. It can also be used by customers as well for an easy and clear piece of mind when ordering a new taxi without needing to go through a phone call or speaking to anyone. In a hotel scenario; a receptionist that keeps getting requests from customers to book a taxi immediately would have ensure that a taxi is always there whenever requested and as soon as the customer ordered it. The receptionists would either login to the TPNS web-interface either at the start of their day while keeping the web-browser open all day, or at the ordering time. Provided that they login into the system, all they would have to do then would be to press "order a taxi", confirm the date and time (which is automatically selected for the time an order was placed), and also can add more optional comments if required. this process takes less than few seconds.

Once an order is submitted; the customer would then be presented with a status update on which taxis are available, and in less than 30 seconds the system would get back selecting a free driver to collect the customer from the hotel, and also show the taxi distance and estimated time of arrival (ETA), and would keep getting more updates every 5 seconds to provide a very accurate results for cars in real time.
Any web client / customer can order a taxi at any time he needs by placing either an order, or pre-book an advanved order for the future. Also, the same customer can cancel an order if the taxi is no longer needed without the involvement of the TPNS Admin as this is handled by the web customer, the server and all taxi cars.

There are a lot more integrated features into the system, as the system has much more features to show, a demo can be booked if required, please contact us if you require more information or if you like to have a live system demonstration.

   The web interface cannot be downloaded, and can only be hosted on a dedicated-server, in most cases, we would host the interface on our datacentre however, if you require, we could upload and configure this for you on your web-servers if you require at an additional cost.

Please note that this component would need to communicate with our TPNS Server in either for it to make any new web-orders, therefore, it is advised to have it hosted on our servers at our secure datacentre.

   For any further information please contact us.