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Domain and Web Hosting   

With state of the art datacentre hosted in London; Newhex can offer it's customers various different services including but not limited to domain hosting, email services, file transfer, data and application web hosting.

The datacentre is fully secure both physical access and network traffic. It has it's own custom redundant power supply for backup if loss of main power is to occur, fully air conditioned, and it's support staff operates around the clock to ensure that all services are always up and running in case of any emergency.


There are many hosted products and services currently running, these are running on both the Wintel and Sun Solaris (UNIX) platforms. Applications hosted varies from a simple static web application to full 3-tier load balanced applications, of course, all protected by Cisco firewalls.

Application can be separated from each other by being placed in a completely separate internal VLAN if required as the highest security similar to some applications we are already hosting, and routed with our Cisco routers. VLANs can exchange information through our Nortel switches. We also use, offer and quite fans of Alteon load balancers since they offer maximum performance as it's all about ASIC performance and almost wire-speed at the end.

We have 10TB of storage allocated to our data services, all backed up with HP Ultrium systems saving time on disaster recovery and ensuring that applicatoins do not suffer from any outage if the hardware stopped working at any point. Currently our SLA is 4 hours of downtime, though we never had a problem so far with our infrastructure that has been running with updates and upgrades since 2002.

There are few different packages and price plans available for web hosting. We currently use Windows and UNIX as our main platforms to host all web applications. We can also offer Linux Redhat if required, this would be charged at a different price scheme.

Newhex also offer custom complex setup if a customer requires, this would vary from having everything on one system, or a complete integration between different systems or even new servers in place, all is available at a custom plan and would be subject to agreement on a case-by-case basis.

The following price plans contains the most common commercial package variations, however, if you have a custom setup or require an application to use the mixature of different architecture, then please don't hesitate to contact us with more details about your application.

Current annual hosting plans (per year):
 Hosting Type   Web Only   Email Only   DNS Only   FTP Only   SQL Only   All Combined (Offer) 
 Basic Windows Hosting (Intel)  £40 £50 £20 £20 N/A £100
 Basic UNIX Hosting (Sun Solaris)  £50 £50 £20 £20 N/A £120
 Dynamic with SQL (Windows)  £100 £50 £20 £20 £50 £200
 Dynamic with MySQL (Sun Solaris)  £150 £50 £20 £20 £50 £250
 Dedicated Hosting (Windows)  ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> £650
 Dedicated Hosting (Solaris)  ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> £750
All plans are priced per year and exclude VAT

   For any further information please contact us.